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It’s important to keep your chimney maintained annually. A chimney funnels away the soot, smoke, gases, hot ashes and sparks from your fire. Making sure it is regularly swept by a professional is an essential part of your home maintenance.


Chimney sweeping has come a long way since the Victorian era, when clouds of black soot filled the room ready for an endless clean up! At Sooty and Swept we use the latest, modern power brushing techniques giving a clean, professional service every time and leaving you with no mess.


Chimney sweeping forms the core of our business and we have a range of experience sweeping flues for open fires, stoves (both lined and unlined) and ranges.


Here’s how we do it...


The area around the appliance is double-sheeted, specialist brushes are inserted into the chimney/flue and then sealed to prevent soot from entering the house. Once swept, all soot from the fire/stove is removed using an industrial H rated vacuum cleaner.


If your chimney/flue is swept annually (as recommended by HETAS) there is usually less than a standard sized rubble sack of soot and debris, which is then sealed and deposited in your dustbin - soot is classed as household waste and this enables us to keep our costs to you as low as possible.


Most chimneys are swept from the bottom up, but sometimes it is necessary to sweep from the top as well - this may incur a small additional charge to allow for the erection of ladders and roof ladders but you would be advised of this before any work commenced.

Keeping your home fires burning...

Chimney Sweeping

Keeping your flue and family safe
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