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Other services...

Carbon monoxide


Carbon monoxide monitors can be supplied and fitted at the customer’s request. This will incur an additional charge but very much worth it for you and your family’s peace of mind and safety.

Register / Closure Plates

We will examine and reseal all register and closure plates with the appropriate high temperature silicone, fire cement or fire rope as the job demands.

All plates can be totally refit if necessary.


Nest / Bird / Blockage Removal

When a cowl is not fitted it is possible for birds and squirrels to nest in the flue and cause blockages. If the chimney is swept regularly these can usually be removed as part of the annual sweep. If the fire has not been used or swept for a number of years nesting debris can build up to an alarming extent and various methods are utilized to remove it.

Occasionally birds can become trapped in the chimney and it is best to have them removed as soon as possible for the well being of the bird and to prevent bad odours should the bird die in the chimney. They usually appear to recover well if a little darker than before they entered the chimney!

Should bats take up residence in your chimney we can arrange for a registered bat handler to remove these for you, usually at no extra cost. Once removed they are re-homed in a suitable location. Please note: It is illegal to handle or knowingly disturb bats!


As part of the initial risk assessment and ongoing process of cleaning the chimney/ flue it may be necessary put a cctv camera up your chimney or flue prior to or after the job is complete. This is to ensure any potential blockages or debris has been removed as part of the cleaning process. If you’re just interested in having a look to satisfy your curiosity this can be arranged as well as before and after pictures at no extra cost to you.

Cowl & Chimney Pot Fitting

We can supply and fit a range of cowls to suit a variety of purposes, from a simple guard to prevent birds, bats and squirrels nesting in your chimney, to rotating cowls to improve the draw of your fire. We supply and fit Chimney Pots of all shapes and sizes.


Chimney Stack Repairs


Chimney stacks are subjected to extreme weather as well as fluctuating hot and cold temperatures, and repairs are often required to ensure they stay working and safe. We carry out minor repairs to chimney stacks such as pointing and replacing the flaunching that holds the chimney pot / cowl in place, and prevents rainwater from leaking into the chimney.

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