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Our Top 3 Tips for new homeowners with a chimney

We’ve had quite a few calls this week from new homeowners across Brighouse, Halifax and Huddersfield who want their chimney sweeping. They’ve recently moved into houses that already have stoves and open fires in them and want to make sure they maintain them properly. So, we thought we’d share our top three tips for new homeowners who have never had to look after a working chimney before…

1. Inspect the firebox

The firebox is the part of an open fireplace where flames are contained. It has a large opening at the top which allows gases to escape up into the flue (the inside of the chimney). Use a torch to look around and check for any cracks at the opening. If there are any chunks of mortar missing or the back wall is sagging it’s time to call in the professionals.

2. Get the chimney swept

A house which has just been sold may have been empty for a while and so there are some important points to consider. It is impossible to tell when the chimney was last swept correctly and there may also be animals (e.g. birds, bats and squirrels) or a build-up of dust inside the flue. Not removing either of these can lead to a potential chimney fire and other hazards, so it’s good advice to get your chimney swept when you move into a new property.

3. Get a chimney cowl

If your chimney pot hasn’t got a cowl, then it’s definitely a good idea to get one. It will prevent rain from coming down your chimney and will also stop nesting animals from entering it which can, in the long run, cause unnecessary problems and expense. No-one wants to find a sooty bird flying around their living room!

We’re always happy to give advice so if you have any questions please give us a call or send us a message.

"Keeping your flue and family safe."

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